Ichiban News

Tuesday night (After 5pm)
$1.50 OFF for every sushi rolls (except hand rolls)

Ichiban Specials

House Rose

4 pieces of Seared Canadian Salmon and crab stick forming a rose shape. Served on a bed of avocado, and topped with salmon roe, spicy sauce and eel sauce.

Sashimi Cocktail

8 pieces of sashimi in cocktail glass, assorted with smelt roe, asparagus, daikon sprout, finished with house sweet yuzu dressing.

Seared Bluefin Toro (Tuna belly)

Served with a creamy spicy sauce, sliced jalapenos, and cilantros. Finished with a spicy ponzu vinaigrette and yuzu sauce.

Seared Cobia

4oz of seared cobia with chilli and yuzu sauce.

Stripe Bass

4oz of Stripe bass (Fresh water fish). Sashimi style.

Filet Mignon

8oz steak served with asparagus, fresh Shitake mushroom tempra, comes with soup and salad.

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